Farbod Kokabi,
Graphic Designer

Dash 2020 Annual Report

Client: Dash
Year: 2021
Role: Designer
Printer: Claxton Printing Co.

Perfect-bound, 74-page annual report for arts Co Op, Dash. The organization collaborates with governments, cultural institutions, brands, agencies, developers, and the public to invigorate non-traditional spaces with design and experiential art.

Adorned with a rather unsubtle, yet hypnotic holographic cover stock, the book utilizes the company’s lush photography of their 2020 nationwide installations, and juxtaposed with an exposed, rigid-grid system creating a rich blend of color and typography that remains flexible and consistent throughout. The cropped, oversized page and section numbers mimic the split 2020 treatment of the cover—a disjointed and claustrophobic nod to one of the longest years of our lives.  

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