Farbod Kokabi,
Graphic Designer

M. Sage—
Catch a Blessing

Year: 2019
Role: Creative Director, Designer
Contributors: Yoonhwa Jang (paint strokes)

Vinyl edition of M. Sage’s ‘Catch a Blessing’ LP released by Geographic North in 2019.

Sharing an affinity for the restrained yet maximalist tendencies of 1970’s Japanese graphic arts, as well as a deep love of Barbara Wojirsch’s immaculate work for the ECM label, Matthew Sage and I fed off one another’s fervent influences with the results yielding a bold, modernist ode to Sage’s organic ambient jazz.

Topped off with an oversized, transparent typographic sticker and splatter-black vinyl, the multidimensional design is as much pastoral as it is unabashedly sweet.  

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