Farbod Kokabi,
Graphic Designer

Tin Drum Identity

Client: Tin Drum Asia Café
Year: 2013
Role: Art Director, Designer
Team: Creative Director Stefan Kjartansson, Designer Mariel Harding, Strategist and Account Manager Hollis Wright, Tin Drum Founder Steven Chan

Logo and visual identity system for Tin Drum Asia Café, a fast-casual Pan-Asian restaurant with 12 locations in the South Eastern US. Working directly with Tin Drum founder Steven Chan, our team tackled a variety of materials ranging from outdoor signage and restaurant wayfinding to website and uniforms.

Steven’s vision for the restaurant was rooted in an ambitious ode to the chaotic sensory charm found in Beijing and Tokyo’s bustling streets—simultaneously referencing his love for David Sylvian and English new romantics, Japan. Our team worked to wrangle in these influences and translate them into a bombastic yet pragmatic brand.

The result is a memorable, bold system built around a multifaceted ‘U-con’ within a Futura wordmark. The U-con’s dynamic symbolism can take the form of a tin drum, a bowl with chopsticks, or a hidden mischievous smile. 

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