Farbod Kokabi,
Graphic Designer

Cold New Dream

Client: 2MR
Year: 2019
Role: Art Director, Designer
Photography: Stefania Antonucci (front), Waithira Gatei (back)

Vinyl edition of Twins’ second full-length album for 2MR, ‘New Cold Dream.’

Having received a variety of photos depicting Twin’s Matt Weiner in various states of contemplation and action, as well as considering the duality of the music’s introspective melancholy and danceable urgency, the sleeve was destined to embrace a ‘ying-yang’ composition. Each side speaks to the aforementioned attributes while remaining a mirror of each other.

Ever the Cabaret Voltaire fan, Weiner was delighted to see a Neville Brody-esque, aquamarine promotional sticker completely disrupt his brooding visual elegy.

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